Our Designers


Flawless designs, 12 years of experience and extensive knowledge, has labelled Carrie the “gem” of Urbana Kitchens. Carrie pulls inspiration from her everyday life (by the beach- we may add) and her travels throughout Europe, giving her a creative edge. Focusing on the finer details of projects from start to finish, Carrie’s designs are timeless yet modern, fresh and elegant. Communication is one of the many keys to Carries success; clients trust her and she has many contractors, repeat clients and designers she has worked with for over ten years, credited to her design abilities and ease to work well with others.

Carrie Mills earned her Diploma in Interior Design at Pacific Design Academy in Victoria. See what others are saying about Carrie on our Houzz page.


With technical training and significant experience behind her, Stephanie has the knowledge and confidence to create functional and beautiful spaces, all to NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association) standards. Stephanie keeps up with industry trends, and brings her share of new and youthful ideas to the design table, but also has a soft spot for mid-century modern design. She is especially inspired by old world architecture and keeping classical design in mind with her projects. Stephanie loves to travel and explore new places; she’s known to jump at any opportunity to sample new wines and exciting cuisine. Stephanie continues to amaze her clients with her talent.

Stephanie has earned her Diploma in Interior Design at Pacific Design Academy in Victoria. See what others are saying about Stephanie on our Houzz page.


Atarah returned to Victoria from Mexico in June 2011 and immediately joined Urbana’s team of talented designers. She is thrilled to be working with Urbana clients to create their dream kitchens by listening to their needs and working with them to best utilize their space, budget and ideas to their maximum potential. Kitchen design involves the perfect blend of her skill set from her business and design background, combining the need to be creative and innovative while working within and managing the constraints of a budget. Being a part of the transformation of turning an outdated or brand new empty space to a functional, inviting and stunning kitchen is what keeps Atarah excited to keep designing every day.

Atarah has earned her Bachelor of Commerce from Queen’s University and Diploma in Interior Design from Florence University. See what others are saying about Atarah on our Houzz page.


Even at a young age Ellen expressed a strong interest in architecture, art, design and literature. Ellen is an experienced professional being in the industry for over 30 years. Early work experience was freelancing for various design studios here in Victoria including custom upholstery manufacturers. Ellen has extensive knowledge of materials, style and the incorporation of finishes into a more structured application of kitchens and baths. Ellen is a pleasure to work with and has made quite the name for herself here at Urbana with many repeat clients waiting for their next masterpiece to be created by Ellen.

Ellen has earned her Diploma from Rudophl Schaeffer’s School of Color and Design. See what others are saying about Ellen on our Houzz page.